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Our Story

If you want to make a difference in this world, do something you love. And that’s how Kiwipetproducts got started. It was always there from the age of 5 walking my grandmothers Alsatian Bobo, to dog sitting and dog walking, rescuing, and working with charities and learning the ropes with the US Air Force in dog handling health and wellbeing.

Mandy Perkins - Remuera, Auckland

My rescue Mrs Brown is allergic to everything and I will only use Kiwipetproducts since Kimberley is so knowledgeable with her background in military dog handling. She knows which treats to advise.

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Our Vision for the Future

To not only supply the best of the best natural, grain free, sourced and made in New Zealand pet treats, but to help educate our customers on making better healthy choices for their pets.

To also grow our natural health and wellness section. Supplying the best products for our customers in all areas of health. Inside and outside.

And provide education on dog training and handling. To be an educational source and also part of our community to make a difference.

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