5 Reasons to give your dog paddywack dog treats

New Zealand made Paddywack is a pure beef treat that consists of the neck ligament of the cow. The strong elastin is a protein that allows for flexibility, hence excellent as a chew as this makes it very long lasting. It is a100% natural, pure beef, gluten free meat.

In New Zealand you have the option of two choices to choose from. The beef paddywack or the New Zealand venison paddywack. Our country has the luxury of our cattle being bred on open pastures, so this enables us to have a variety of pet treats to choose from with the animals being able to graze outside all year round.

Kiwipetproducts Paddywack is air-dried. The meat is placed into an oven and gently air-dried to remove all the moisture. By doing this it holds all of its nutritional value. It keeps the meat flexible so it won't snap like freeze dried meat and also means it does not have to be refrigerated. It is a solid protein, with no grain, no genetically modified product with no added preservatives. There are no antibiotics added to this product like they do a lot overseas. Because of this there are no side effects and less visits to the vets. Allergies and scratching are kept to a minimum. They are also available in a variety of sizes. Smaller cut ones to make them last longer and also a longer version for one a day.

Paddywack has  a very distinctive taste and the durability makes it a very tasty dog treat. Dogs just love the flavor. It comes with a natural coating on the outside as well which when chewed gives off a slight beef flavor as well as giving your dogs healthy teeth. It may look a bit odd with the yellow colour but it's an all natural treat and so beneficial to the dog's health.

Paddywack contains essential elastin proteins, type 3 collagen, it's own natural fats and fatty acids and has no additives. As well as glucosamine and chondroitin. Glucosamine is used to prevent arthritis, relieve pain and improve joint mobility. Chondroitin helps maintain cartilage structure. These two work together. It is a protein and has the benefits of a low fat as well so you do not have to worry about your pets weight. But they do contain a small portion of fat which is why I would suggest not giving them to puppies as they would be too rich for their stomachs and metabolism.

The tough texture of the paddywack means they help in the development of the dog's jaw with the constant chewing as a form of exercise. Dogs flip over these dog treats. They are very palatable for digestion and will keep your pooch busy for hours. No more barking or being stressed out with the Paddywack distraction.

Paddywack pet treats are good for Medium to Large dogs. Senior dogs also benefit from Paddywack as it helps when it comes to tartar control and their gums. Lower dentistry bills from your vet. They are also a great substitute for bones and rawhides. Paddywack does not splinter like real bones or get stuck in the dogs throat. Those raw hides will stick to the roof of the dog's mouth and you have to use your hand to get them out.
Overall Kiwipetproducts highly recommends Beef paddywack.
P.S. Always make sure to provide fresh water when giving dog treats to your pets.
Best Kimberley

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