So what are air dried pet treats?

Among the many types of dog food on the market the air-dried process might be the most misunderstood. Kibble everyone understands as it is the most common. Dehydrated pet food is very common too. But how do those two differ from the air-dried process and what are the benefits of air-dried nutrition with pet treats in New Zealand.
So, what does air-dried actually mean.
Unlike dehydrated treats which are dried with heat air dried instead, is dried at low temperatures in small batches. The moisture is removed from the food via evaporation. The result is food that is naturally preserved without using artificial preservatives. That means no side effects from chemicals added to keep the pet treats fresh.
What makes air-dried so great?
  • Air-dried dog treats doesn’t have to be refrigerated like raw diets, and it enables the dog owner to feed their dog as simply as if it were kibble but with nutritional benefits that are closer to a raw diet… without the mess.
  • Unlike dehydrated food that must use heat, the air-dried process retains a greater amount of the nutrients in the food, bringing a healthier food to your dog’s bowl.
The raw ingredients are placed into a drying oven where the air gently circulates removing all the moisture from the food as well as all pathogenic bacteria. The air drying technology locks in all the nutrition. Each batch is prepared naturally free from added preservatives. Because of the slow process, air-dried food then does not crumble like freeze-dried food does.
Air dried pet treats do take a bit longer to make, but it is this process that makes them so special and sort after.

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