Why are NZ pet treats so sought after?

Why are NZ pet treats so sought after?

Pet treats in NZ are extremely sought after because of the animal practices that we adhere to in this country. Unlike other parts of the world we have the privilege of our animals being raised on pastures in fields of grass. The climate allows for the animals to live outside in their natural environment year round.

There is no need for factory farming methods like they do in places like China.

New Zealand as a country has very strict regulations regarding animal welfare as well as enforcing welfare regulations. The animal welfare act overseas animal regulations in New Zealand. It sets out the obligations of animal owners to meet the physical, health and behavioral issues of the animals. The act is supported by the regulations and codes of welfare which is then enforced by the NZ government. Our meat is ethically sourced and we are held to accountability by an active animal rights sector.

We also as a country try to stick to natural practices without the use of nasty chemicals and pesticides which cause illnesses and side effects in dogs.

NZ pet treats and especially kiwipetproducts mostly are made naturally, with no added preservatives and chemicals. We pride ourselves on the knowledge that there will be no side effects with your animals, no itching, no scratching, no cancers. Our dog treats are gently air dried so all the nutrients, omegas, proteins and flavors are kept in the treats. Also, the single ingredient treats are easier on a dog's stomach.

Full of Nutrition

Dogs love our treats because with all the nutrition they are just tasty and you do not need to give as much food, which in turns makes the dog treats very good value. We also give advice to our pet owners and customers on which pet treats to buy based on the breed of their dog. Every breed is different and it's good to know which dog treats to buy for a particular breed.

A variety to choose from

At Kiwi pet products we divide our pet treats up into specific categories, such as small, medium and large dogs to make it easy to choose. Dog treats can be used as a training tool, to help with chewing in puppies, aid digestion, or behavioral issues such as anxiety for more working class dogs as well as dentistry with tartar control in senior dogs.

Which treats to choose

We are very lucky with dog treats in NZ as it's a great way to add that little something extra into your dog's food instead of having to add vitamin's. Bully stick's the number one dog treat in the world is very good for mental stimulation while also providing bone marrow, and the stick does not splinter. It softens while chewing, not like bones. Lamb lungs are a great alternative for the little dogs. They call them marshmallow treats as the treats are soft and easy to chew.

Free Shipping and delivery over $49

Kiwipetproducts has a variety to choose from. Our pet foods are dry food, so you do not have to keep them in the refrigerator. We also offer free shipping over $49 for our loyal customers.

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