Meet The Team

Kimberley Waters

Founder, trainer and advisor

It all began years ago with the love of my grandmothers German shepherd at the age of 5. Fast forward many years to pet sitting, dog walking to  dog handling in the US Air Force. My knowledge of dogs and their well being became who I am today. Now I have the opportunity to share this with my customers being lucky enough to live in a country where we have pastures and a good healthy living.

Do what you love, pay it forward and you will have a life blessed.

Angie Humphries

Creative content and sales

Angie is a valued member of Kiwipetproducts and has been a supporter from the beginning. She now plays a key part in assuring we provide high quality products and that our customers receive top-notch customer service. Something we pride ourselves on with having been nominated for a 2020 Westpac Award in New Innovation, Community and Peoples Choice Awards.

We pride ourselves on being a part of our local community and do our best to help provide healthy products for our pets.

Sarah Shapely

Loyal supporter and dog lover

Sarah has also been there from the beginning helping form Kiwipetproducts. Sarah's love for her beloved dog Jack had her embrace everything doggie. After an unfortunate incident with Jack the heartbreak was too much and Sarah is now back doing what she loves, helping develop the creativity of our future children as an arts teacher as well as a loyal supporter and achiever for her mountain biking family. 

Thanks for being a part of Kiwipetproducts Sarah and believing in what we do.

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