About us



If you want to make a difference in this world, do something you love. This is what led Kimberley Waters to start Kiwipetproducts.

Kimberley has been working with dogs for over 30 years, from adopting and training rescue dogs to working as a professional dog handler trained with the US Air Force.


Having experienced tragedies firsthand caused by synthetic pet toys and substandard nutrition, seeing the radical transformation of her dog’s conditions through natural solutions.

Kimberley set out to educate more dog owners on how to take care of their companions the natural way.

She started Kiwipetproducts to give good advice and to make natural pet treats and high-quality products easily available., eco-friendly and sustainable. And of course, made in New Zealand wherever possible.


In development ready for Xmas

 - The Maxamillion Lead, a special lead designed by Kimberley on how to handle dogs without pulling on the lead along with the tools and video on how to administer this.

 A safe and gentle technique for all the family.

Handling classes available 2022.


Our designer-led Accessories

Kiwipetproducts opened its first store selling to markets in the heart of Auckland in May 2007. Kimberley founded the new concept in dog accessories with the aim of creating stylish, safe, natural, design-led accessories for the pet owner.

The collection is a work in progress finding unique and understated edgy pieces, using an innate sense of colour and a strong use of natural materials. The inspiring products include hand-stitched leather collars, minimalist cotton beds and amusing accessories for the most discerning of dogs.