Neighbourhood Café Ozone Coffee Roasters is an absolute must-visit for pup paw-renters and dog lovers alike. Not only is the food second to none (we’re looking at you Eggs Bene on Bubble ‘n’ squeak cakes) with fresh ingredients and intriguing pairings, but they’ll also welcome your pup inside the café to sit quietly under your table while you eat (a godsend in Winter).

Cafe Ozone Coffee Roasters


For any dog-crazy, toast-loving, coffee-enthused peeps—Crumb is the one for you. Grab a cup of joe (and a ‘puppercino’ for your pooch) and sit out on the bean bags for some relaxing good vibes. These guys will probably love your dog as much as you do. Grey Lynn Park is just a 12-minute walk away, which your pupper will almost certainly be stoked about.


One of my favorites-Gibson and pup Bob


Geeks on Sainsbury have lived up to their name because they really are experts at basically all things food and coffee. If you haven’t tried their waffles, you need to. Their coffee? Outstanding. Oh, and did we mention they’re huge dog fans? There is a 99% chance there will be other dogs (sign us up). If your little angel is well behaved, there may or may not be a treat at the ready. Once you’ve finished some insanely good tucker, take your fur baby for a stroll to Fowld’s Park for some greenery and a good run around.


Been here many time - Jo Adamson with pooch Billy