Pet Health

100% Natural Pet Treats, Made in New Zealand with no artificial preservatives and chemicals.

Our treats are slowly and gently air-dried on trays removing bacteria, while at the same time locking in all the goodness of our ingredients. Every batch is hand made and prepared naturally, free from preservatives and chemicals. 

Nutritionally complete ingredients

By law in New Zealand, commercially available pet food is required to be nutritionally complete and balanced, all the correct fats, proteins and carbohydrates. Other countries such as China do not. They fill their foods with “by-products” which are things like dead animals from shelters, fats, grease from restaurants and poisonous chemicals which are known to cause cancers.These things matter for the health and longevity of your pets. With our natural pet treats there are no side effects and less visits to the vets. Our treats are literally just pure beef, chicken and pork.

Air-dried without artificial preservatives and chemicals

Unlike dehydrated, air-dried food is not dried with heat. Instead, it is slowly air dried at low temperatures in small batches on trays in ovens. The moisture is removed from the food via evaporation. This produces a very clean and bacteria, mould resistance free product.

- Naturally preserved without using artificial preservatives and chemicals.

- Does not need to be refrigerated like raw diets.

- Does not crumble like freeze-dried foods.