Air dried Beef Jerky

– Grass fed on free range farms

– 100% Pure New Zealand

  • Great for some small dogs and medium to large dogs.
  • High protein and low fat, rich in Iron.
  • Rich in essential vitamins and minerals.
  • Packed with Magnesium for strong bone and teeth development.
  • Strong meaty flavour which dogs love.
  • Good for strengthening your dog’s jaw muscles.
  • Very palatable but a strong healthy chew.
  • Beef Jerky’s are a single-ingredient, easily digestible chew treat made from pure beef.

  • They are great for cleaning your dog’s teeth

  • Beef Jerky come in a variety of sizes and shapes to satisfy chewers of all inclinations. Normally 15 and 30 cm in length.

Beef Jerky Sticks

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  • 100% Beef Jerky, no additives, no preservatives, no processing aids.

  • Treat food only. Make sure to supply fresh water, a nutritiously balanced diet and plenty of exercise. Suitable for all dogs.

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