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Grown in New Zealand

Unlike other parts of the world our animals in New Zealand graze on open pastures all year round.

Our natural environment allows our animals to live outside on pastures in their natural habitats, without the need for factory farming methods.

Our meats are ethically sourced which is why New Zealand is ranked in the top in the world from the world animal protection agency.

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Our pet treats are air-dried

Air dried dog food does not have to be refrigerated like raw diets. It enables dog owners to feed their dogs with the nutritional benefits that are closer to a raw diet without the mess.....

Unlike dehydrated food that uses heat, the air-dried process retains a greater amount of the nutrients in the food, bringing a healthier treat to your dogs bowl. And because of the gentle air dried process the food does not crumble like freeze dried food does.

Our sustainability promise- Come join us in helping to protect our planet.

We care deeply about the planet and that’s why we are continually on the search for Eco friendly manufacturers and company products that have the same vision and values.

Our bags are made of a drawstring Jute fabric and are reusable.

Our packaging contains no plastic which is good for the environment. Our poop bags are made of cornstarch and decompose back into the earth naturally.

Featured 100% natural products made in NZ

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